Varsity Spirit is a leader in advocating for strong cheerleader safety standards throughout the country and around the world. We work with athletic administrators, educators and government officials to promote cheerleader access to quality facilities, knowledgeable coaches, medical professionals and safety rules.

Varsity Spirit’s commitment to the safety of cheerleaders is unparalleled and serves as an example of corporate responsibility in action. Our competitions, camps and programs adhere to the highest safety standards and we teach those same standards to the thousands of cheerleaders, coaches and officials who participate in our programs. As the leader in camp training, we educate more than 325,000 cheerleaders per year in cheerleading fundamentals with an emphasis on safety.

As a founding member of the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Administrators (AACCA) since 1987, Varsity Spirit has an established commitment to ensuring that all cheerleaders train, practice and compete in a safe and educational environment. Varsity Spirit was also a founding member of USASF, which governs club cheer, and had a significant role in helping to establish the USASF Credentialing program to ensure proper safety and training standards were established for gyms and coaches.

Varsity Spirit has been instrumental in developing training protocols for coaches, safety rules and regulations for game day cheerleading and competitions, as well as safety resources for parents, athletes and coaches. Varsity Spirit’s support of USA Cheer’s Safety Council has brought some of the most prominent medical professionals together for the benefit of the cheer community, including the American Sports Medicine Institute and the Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center.

Under Varsity Spirit’s leadership, cheerleading has become one of the safest activities for student athletes at the high school and college level. Cheerleading has experienced a major reduction in injuries in recent years, thanks to increased regulation and coach training. Incidents of severe injuries from cheerleading are similar to soccer, basketball, gymnastics and lacrosse, and were less than those for football, field hockey, ice hockey, baseball and wrestling. Girls’ cheerleading resulted in fewer emergency room visits in 2011 (36,925) than girls’ basketball (94,886), soccer (70,043) and softball (52,986).

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