America Needs Cheerleaders: Varsity Spirit’s Philanthropies

Since its founding in 1974, Varsity Spirit has been the driving force in making cheerleading the dynamic and athletic activity it is today. By combining high energy entertainment with traditional school leadership, we continue to drive the development of the cheerleading community here in the United States as well as worldwide. Varsity Spirit’s commitment to the health and well being of the young people who participate is embedded in our high quality educational curriculum and leadership in establishing instructional safety standards. We also believe in encouraging cheerleaders to be leaders on and off the field, especially by getting involved in philanthropy in their communities. Cheerleaders embody a timeless spirit: a spirit of perseverance, optimism, and genuine support for the common good. As stewards of cheerleading, Varsity Spirit celebrates cheerleaders and wants to spread the word about the magic cheerleaders create in the lives of others. That’s why Varsity Spirit created the America Needs Cheerleaders campaign. Here are a few of the organizations we support, and encourage cheerleaders to support along with us:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

00154521-019_wmVarsity Spirit has continued its partnership with St. Jude to support its mission of finding cures for children fighting cancer and other catastrophic illnesses. We want to help St. Jude and its patients overcome pediatric cancer, and the cheer and dance community has joined us enthusiastically. Once again this summer we asked every cheerleader or dancer attending a Varsity Spirit camp to send five letters to friends and family around the country asking for donations to the renowned hospital. Visit for more information.


The Sparkle Effect

SarahCronk_2”When everyone cheers, everyone wins.” That’s The Sparkle Effect’s motto, and Varsity Spirit couldn’t agree more. Since 2009, The Sparkle Effect has worked tirelessly to create school-based cheer and dance teams that bring together students with and without disabilities. Since 2009, The Sparkle Effect has generated more than 180 teams from coast to coast. The students on Sparkle Effect teams visibly relay a simple message: at our school, all students are respected and included, regardless of ability.

As the official sponsor of The Sparkle Effect’s uniform grant and on-site training programs, Varsity Spirit is one of The Sparkle Effect’s biggest supporters. To learn more about The Sparkle Effect, visit



CheereadesCheeReaders was created by Hannah McRae Young to encourage children from kindergarten to second grade to pick up a book and read. CheeReaders offers cheerleaders a starter kit for implementing their own reading program at local elementary schools. Varsity Spirit is proud to continue support for the program in the coming years. Visit for more information. More info on CheeReaders is available here:

National School Spirit Day

National School Spirit Day started four years ago to shine a spotlight on all of the ways cheerleaders and dancers make a difference in their schools and communities –as mentors, as community service leaders as spirit raisers and as positive examples to all. The goal of National School Spirit Day is to get each cheerleader or dancer to do at least four hours of community service. Over the past five years, cheerleaders and dancers have pledged more than 543,000 community service hours.


Varsity Spirit Cares

The Varsity Spirit Team is making a difference in communities around the country. Join us in applauding the community efforts of your fellow Varsity Spirit Team members.

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