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Paige Dupuis – Product Development Assistant & Graphic Designer

Spotlight on Paige


Meet Varsity Spirit’s Product Development Assistant and Graphic Designer, Paige Dupuis. A lifelong cheerleader and artist, Paige combined two of her favorite passions into an amazing job. Watch the video below to get an exclusive look inside what Paige does and who she is.

From Paige herself..

I always did lettering with markers and things; I would write my name over and over and over, in different ways and swirls, making me realize that I enjoy typography, which led me to graphic design.”
Being a cheerleader has helped me, by knowing what cheerleaders want to look like on the mat at competition or at camp, which bows they want, what they like to wear to practice, it helps Varsity Spirit bring to the table what our customers want.”

Patrick “Ace” Kohout – Business Systems Analyst

Spotlight on Patrick


Say hello to Patrick, a Business Systems Analyst at Varsity Spirit. From cheering at Clemson to being on the front line of customer experience development, Patrick knows teamwork. Find out a little more about Patrick, watch below!

From Patrick himself..

I love a challenge, being able to get together with a group of passionate people that are facing a challenge to create a solution, that is what makes my job at Varsity Spirit awesome.”
Making Varsity Spirit more accessible to the customer and make our information more accessible to the customer is what I strive to do each day.”

Jackie Martin – Director of

Spotlight on Jackie


Meet Jackie, the Director of! Cheerleading has been a huge part of Jackie’s life and still is as she shifted from one of the sport’s top athletes to an industry professional with a lot on her plate. Find out what it means to be a part of UCA Staff, Team USA, and with Jackie Martin!


From Jackie herself..

I feel like cheerleading and all the experiences and opportunities I’ve had, have made me the person I am today”
I knew that taking the job at Varsity Spirit … I was coming to work with my other family.”

A Day In The Life of a UCA Instructor – Tasha

Spotlight on Tasha


A day in the life of a UCA instructor – Tasha Ball has been on UCA staff for 8 years, she has taught at the high school and college level, and also internationally. Tasha has also been an intricate part of the curriculum team and UCA core staff.  Follow Tasha, and learn what it is like to be a UCA instructor.

From Tasha herself..

“Being a UCA instructor is such an amazing experience and all of these guys are like family to me.”
“They’re really excited to learn them and we’re really excited to teach them.”


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