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WeAreVarsity.com is where we tell the stories of our 5,000 employees worldwide. You’ll meet the people who make Varsity the global leader in cheerleading and dance teams. From how the perfect uniform is made to how we bring the latest in cheerleading and dance skills to life, this is where you’ll learn who we are, what we care about and how we work. This is where the stories of Varsity employees come to life.

"Being a part of an organization that positively impacts so many incredible young people, that in turn go out and impact on their communities, is rewarding. We're blessed to be involved in something very special. "
- Bill Seely Senior Vice President
Training and Education Division

Varsity Offices

Varsity has employees across the globe, and we want you to get to know us! View our offices and check out all our great employees.
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Varsity Gives Back

Cheerleaders embody a timeless spirit: a spirit of perseverance, optimism, and genuine support for the common good. As stewards of cheerleading, Varsity celebrates cheerleaders and wants to spread the word about the magic cheerleaders create in the lives of others.
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Varsity is an exceptional company and our employees are what make it so special. If there is a job, department or individual that you want to know more about, now is your chance! Fill out the Varsity submission form and we will feature them here.
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Varsity Cares

The Varsity Team is making a difference in communities around the country. Join us in applauding the community efforts of your fellow Varsity Team members.

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